Help! Baby refusing bottle😩

My exclusively breastfed 10 week old is absolutely refusing the bottle. I’ve been using the MAM bottle. She previously took expressed breast milk from a bottle for the first 3 weeks but we had to stop to avoid nipple confusion. I was advised by the health visitor to wait until breastfeeding is established at around 8 weeks before reintroducing the bottle. It has been incredibly difficult as all she does is cry and she won’t take the bottle AT ALL. I am desperate as I am due to attend a work conference in Greece in September and planned to leave her with her grandparents. Are any other mums in the same boat? Were you able to successfully get your baby to drink from a bottle?
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I can't help as mine has been taking a bottle since day 3 and also mam, but I would suggest a different bottle as the mam teats aren't exactly like a nipple. Also trying swapping to the bottle gently during breastfeeding can sometimes help, and putting your breastmilk on the teat. I hope this helps 🙏 patience and perseverance x

Although I wasn’t breastfeeding my LO originally was refusing MAM bottles when she was first born. The only bottles she would take was Tesco own as the teat was shaped like a nipple. I think they were £2.75 for a pack of 3 x

Yep, my 10 week old is not playing ball with the bottle anymore. I've been giving her one side of breast so she's nice and happy and then going to the bottle (just offering 1-2oz). Super excited & exaggerating praise etc and it has been slowly working.

We've been having the same problem, we bought so many different bottles and he did not want any of them. However recently he's been drinking from a bottle (he's not bothered which type), i found the best time to do it was at night after he feeds from both breasts but is then still rooting for more I offer it then and he's gulped it down which was a total 180 for him! Not sure how your LO feeds but if there's a point when they're cluster feeding you could try then?

This series might be worth a read

My baby is combi fed and has the Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles. No issues swapping between both boob and bottle several times a day xx

I have given a pumped bottle for bedtime feed since day 5 and we havent had any issues switching between both so far. Dr Browns bottles might be worth a try? I've heard good things on other breastfeeding channels. All the best xx

My first baby was exclusively breastfed but took a bottle of expressed no bother at all! This time it’s Abit more tricky. My second won’t take a dummy and isn’t happy with the bottle he pulls the most disgusted face and gets quite worked up. I’ve just tried last night the lanisoh ones, they are softer and nicer shaped and he did take the best part of 2oz. So we’re going to persevere

This is helpful...

My baby has been mostly breastfed and I use the mam bottles alongside this but he wouldn’t take the mam teats so bought lanisoh teats as they fit mam bottles. He’s had no issues with these switching between breast and bottle! I also like them because they don’t leak milk unless he sucks a bit like when breastfeeding!

My little girl is exclusively breastfed amd was the same and only started taking a bottle of breast milk a week ago! I found that a slow flow teat helped with the MAM bottle (size 0). My partner has to feed her as if I do, she screams because she associates me with breastfeeding! I was just persistent and tried giving her one bottle a day when I knew she was due a feed and slowly she started to accept it. We are still only doing one bottle a day to prep for nursery at the end of the year xx

Took 4 days of persistence, but my LO has happily smashed 4oz of breast milk today. Keep offering the bottle mama's

@Sylvia so there is hope! Did you offer her boobs at all during this 4 day period?

Yes most of her feeds were breast. I'd start with a breast feed and when she popped off to burp or switch sizes, I'd offer the bottle. We started with just 1oz per day and if she finished it, id offer one more

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