Anyone Else Have a FOMO baby?

My LO is almost 10 weeks. While I ADORE her, this girl has a serious case of FOMO. We teased while I was in labor that she was a FOMO baby bc during my 46 hours of active labor, we tried EVERYTHING to get her out, ultimately ending in a c-section. It seemed to be a prophecy, because this girl needs CONSTANT physical stimulation. I spend 1-2 hours straight every single day belting out music and dancing with this girl (at least I'm getting my cardio). She doesn't like to be left to her own devices for more than maybe 10 minutes. Whether it be the ply gym or the swing, it doesn't last much more than 10 minutes. She likes Dinosaur Train and My Little Pony specifically, but for no more than 10-15 minutes. She doesn't like me reading to her (it's not active enough). Even Ms. Rachel is boring to her. The car puts her to sleep, which messes up her sleep schedule, so I have to time taking her places very carefully. Being in a stroller is boring to her after a while. Being in the backyard on a blanket is boring to her. On top of it, her afternoon wake windows are very long, and she only sleeps for 30-60 minutes at a time. I am seriously at a loss of what to do with a 10 week old. Please give me some ideas! I love playing with her and interacting with her, but Mama needs some variety!
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I feel this with my 7 week old 🫠😂

Woah you do a lot of things with your LO. Mine only ever sleeps and eats, he is very rarely awake and alert and needing stimulation. It’s so so hard to keep mine awake 😂

@Hannah wanna trade for a day? 🤣

Sounds like we have the same baby 😂

Omg it’s the same here! My baby is 8 weeks and also needs so much stimulation. So I do two things to combat it. For one I think us girls are more socially wired than boys, so I am always taking her to see family and that usually tires her out. Family plays with her, talks to her, holds her and all that social stimulation tires her out fast. The second thing I do is slowly teaching her to stay in her baby swing longer to train her a bit. After 6 months it gets easier I’ve heard and babies become a little more independently

Perfect to do tummy time! Do you have a play gym mat? Tummy time and things hanging help with motor movements and stimulation also getting their strength to hold their head up my babe loves looking in the mirror . I make tons of faces at my LO and talk and read books.

@Savanna yep! We have a play gym. She really hates tummy time. We can only get a few minutes a day in. And she'll only play with the gym on her own for about 10-15 minutes. She doesn't like me reading books to her bc she nor I are moving very much. She'll look in the mirror for all of 20 seconds before she's bored. I probably have a ton more wrinkles now from all the faces I make at her every day trying to play.

Does she like walks in nature? That is what mine loves!

@Mikaela Myers Not for very long. She gets antsy after about 15 minutes. At least if she's in the stroller, and I think it's because after a while, the sky and trees all start to look the same. Now, I can hold her facing outward, and she does a little bit better. Maybe for closer to 20 minutes. But I can't babywear her forward facing facing yet.

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