What should I do?

Hey guys I never posted on here but fyi this will be kinda long, honestly I have no idea what else to do I’ve been with my baby daddy for 2 years and 6 months and we have a handsome 11 month boy and he will be turning one June 21st of this year. Well I’ll get to the point just wanted to give u a lil background… basically ever since we stopped being long distance it’s been getting a bit rocky don’t get me wrong there’s always been a lil bit of this n that in the beginning our honeymoon phase didn’t really last long and at that point I should’ve just stopped but he was my best friend i ended up finding out we had the same elementary class and cause I moved we never stayed in contact but we did kinda have a bit of a crush and later on way later in high school we met again I was 15 he was 16 we never had any classes together since he was a grade above well as friends we were the dream team the it couple u could say, everyone and I mean everyone would want us together n even some girls would get jealous cause he was just head over heels for me n at first i wasn’t feeling him i was still thinking about my ex we did recently break up once me and my bd started hanging out more, well i had to move to another state during my 10th grade and at that point i met him in 9th so we spent a year together n then i had to go i honestly wish i never left i feel like that’s what messed it all up. We stayed on FaceTime the whole way there slept on the phone ate together everything but we weren’t a couple yet. Well during one of my stops he popped the qu. And he asked me to be his and I said yes but at first I didn’t want to mess up what we had and I took it back but then he stopped talking to me and just ghosted me but then I told him that I just didn’t want to mess us up and that I love what we have as it is and if your ok with it we can be together just not label it but we won’t see or talk to anyone else… then after a month he came. He took the flight and come to where I was he had family here so it was lucky but he came he got me a coach bag met me after school with flowers he’ll buy me food he’ll support me in school just everything u can dream of ofc the honeymoon phase well that didn’t last long after the 3rd time he came which was every other month at this point it was around the end of February he kinda messed up by saying something about a girl on the tv but I already had such a bad past it just didn’t sit right with me and he tried to fix it but I was so hardheaded… at that point it just went downhill slowly but surely more fights started I started to S/H a lot there was no break with it and it broke him too I tired breaking up with him but he wouldn’t budge n I saw I was changing him I saw I wasn’t doing him right and I just couldn’t bring myself up to just stop. Then I came back for a week to him I saw stuff on his phone n it went bad guys I broke his Xbox his Mac computer just everything I was whipping him just gosh it was really bad n I just regret going that far I regret doing any of that after it wasn’t any better we never cheated physically but we have texted people we should’ve have we never sent nudes or anything of that short he’ll after a while it just got even worse it started getting physical he’ll hit me and then say sorry n I hit him 3 times after the first incident but he’s done it idk how many it wasn’t consistent but it wasn’t once in a blue moon either but then it stopped n it just turned into argument then everything was ok again n it was happy again then I found out I was pregnant I was 16 when I got pregnant he was 17 after he just couldn’t deal with my hormones changing n it got bad again n he hit me once while I was pregnant he’s told me that he doesn’t want the baby that we should kill it off n just a lot of hurtful stuff he’ll leave me in the streets to walk home n say it was my fault for even bringing anything up. N now. On the 2nd year it just haven’t gotten better still fighting everyday we’ll take breaks n come back like nothing has happened n everything will seem ok again till his parents say something to tick him off or me just saying what’s up or just telling him how I feel cause it involves him. I’ve gotten thrown down the stairs beaten up choked n I still come back I still go back to him and I swear at this point I’m just attached or he must’ve brainwashed me I messed up my senior year by just skipping everyday to be with him he wouldn’t help me in my homework and blame it on taking care of the baby at this point he’s kicked out of my house he’s not allowed in and I’ve gotten into physical fights with his parents. And for example today we got into it again and it just went south fast he called me saying he fully woke up and I went home cause I just didn’t want to be in that house while he just sleeps in n I’m just missing out more in school the 13th is my last day and here I am crying just wondering how it even got to this point when we was so perfect, he called me saying he fully woke up and I told him i told him about electric cars n know they bad then after he told me if I was coming n I said yea but I don’t wanna just stay in the house n do nothing n he got upset cause I assumed that he was going to be lazy n just stay in bed n we was going to do nothing. Then he hung up on me he said aii bye goodnight n I called him back n saying what’s his problem n he went off started yelling n screaming n just going crazy n he told me to bring back his car(i had his cause I don’t have one n he lets me barrow his) n I told him but at that point he was pissed he didn’t want to talk just yell n scream he told me to kill myself that he doesn’t give a shit about me n just a lot he made me fall out of a moving car. N still I’m missing him n I don’t want to go back but I want to go back to the old him I want to just go back in time n just shut up or just never leave. I can’t stay away from him for too long I start going crazy I check his lo I wonder where he goes half of the time if he’s out with someone else if he’s finding others what should I do I need help
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First off I’m sorry your relationship turned into something like that. I think you need to really think about what would be best for your kid. Their safety and your safety should be number one priority. It sounds like it would probably be best to fully cut ties with your bd or limit contact as much as possible. Of course it will be hard but it sounds like it’s a super unhealthy and abusive relationship. Do you have friends or parents or someone that you could go to, to help you and maybe hold you accountable? Maybe also look into therapy if possible. It might help you move on from this guy and start yourself on a healthier path. I hope for the best for you. Stay strong and do what’s right for you and your baby.

Yea I have an amazing grandma but my baby is just getting to big for her now so at this point it’s just me doing most of the work

You need to go your separate ways. You both have a lot of growing up to do and I mean that with so much love. I want to hug you and your baby. This is just not good for any of you.

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