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For BC I chose a IUD and I have never had one before. I’m super nervous. I heard they are really uncomfortable while being placed. Uhg! Does anyone have any tips on ways to make it not as bad? Also, how long do you have to wait to have intercourse after placement? Did anyone have any bleeding? TIA 🙃
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So I had one out in, in 2020 I will say it was very uncomfortable (just being honest I was told it was a breeze and 0 discomfort and I went in with low expectations and left in tears, I'm also a huge baby)

I will say, she let me know if you've had a baby it makes it less painful, but I'd suggest taking a pain reliever if possible before hand. I didn't know it was recommended and they gave me Tylenol right before, so if you can take something do it I had light spotting on and off for a few months, however it was most consistent in the first month You can have sex again, based on what I was told, basically once you're comfortable with it. Some doctors will recommend waiting until you have a follow up ultrasound to make sure it didn't move but if you ask they'll tell you! Honestly it was a game changer for me, I have PCOS and suspicions of endometriosis and the cramping I used to get was unreal but from the time I had it put it and my body adjusted, I got spotting as a period 2-4 times in 3.5 years and had no cramps at all And I will say, removal was literally the easiest, complete opposite of inserting it lol good luck!

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