Any advice am I paranoid or right?

So here’s the situation I keep track of our finances so was going through his purchases and saw he had purchased only fans and I know he uses porn hub and wasn’t that taken aback though thought it was stupid to spend money on that when we are tight on money… so I got paranoid and went through his phone found that he was on multiple dating/hookup sites/apps his profiles were pretty plan and hadn’t made contact with any of the women I can see in the conversation but I confronted him about it as even though I can see nothing has happened what is he doing I can see he was on these apps a month ago and haven’t been on since and when I asked him about it he told me: “I was bored I was reading this whole thing about how all those apps/sites are centered around women and that you have almost no shot as a man unless you are legit the hottest man or loaded. I was just curious if they were right, I never actually made contact with anyone which you can see I was just curious.”… the one girl I did find he was talking to and snooped through the conversation was completely plutonic calling each other friends and not saying anything inappropriate… Is he lying.. was he really looking for someone else, was he cheating or was he simply bored? I cannot deny that he had made profiles for those apps but can also say with certainty from my snooping that he never contacted anyone… After our conversation I still couldn’t get any of it out of my head so was texting him at work about it more and this is what he said:
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Boredom is not an excuse girl. My husband would never just because he was “bored”. He was definitely intentionally looking for someone(s), but didn’t pursue it because of his guilty conscience. He has opened the door for other interests outside of his relationship and this is a sign of cheating. Sorry.

I mean only you can answer this because I feel what’s a man in a relationship doing on any dating app when they have someone. If and him are okay with talking to other people while in the relationship but if he’s the only one you talk with. I don’t think that’s fair because what are you looking for on these apps. If he hasn’t cheated he’s definitely thinking of it! Ijs

Don’t be a silly girl Read the signs I mean if you did this would he accept that same excuse? I’m sure he wouldn’t

deffo cheating

When my partner is bored he goes for a run or out fishing, he doesn’t go on dating apps. This isn’t normal behaviour for someone who is just “bored”. Don’t let him downplay it!

Bffr 😂😭

In all honesty the evidence is there right in your face. These men know what they’re doing when they’re doing it and will straight up lie to your face because they don’t wanna get caught. We can all comment the obvious but you already know this. Trust me I have been exactly in your shoes this time last year. You gotta do what you think is best but the more you let a man disrespect you, the more it’ll happen. Just remember if they were sorry, it wouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry to be so blunt and I know you’re probably hurting, I’m just being real with you. you got this ❤️

You’re not paranoid. He was biding his time. You just caught him out earlier than he anticipated.

“I’m sorry for being a curious guy” what?! He’s talking like “I can’t help myself for what I do, I have no free will” This is such a classic line these days. “I’m bored, I wanted to see for myself, I was curious about the app” 🤮 Find yourself a guy who has a hobby to keep him occupied because cheating is not a hobby! Tell that grown man to do research on how to weld or dirt bike or fix your car or smoke meat! Do research on D&D or LEGOs or having the best grass in the neighborhood. And most importantly, do some research on how to build a happy healthy loving relationship with the woman he’s currently in a monogamous relationship with!

Just cause you don’t see messages doesn’t mean he didn’t delete them

Also him buying only fans and watching porn is a red flag and shows he’s bored of you cause why would you want to get off to another person when I’m here idk just don’t sit right with me

I agree. He could easily delete anything that went further than “platonic” conversation. Left those just in case you found out.

Not paranoid. He's cheating and lying about it. He'll just do it again if you let it go and stay.

He’s definitely cheating He just wants to have his cake and eat it to run away he’s only sorry he got caught

A man that chooses YOU WANTS YOU Doesn't get bored and go on dating apps....🚩🚩🚩🚩 He's not your person But you probably already know that just like us all but wanna have hope still sigh

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He’s trying to get out of it. I don’t think that was the reason at all. You deserve better

My ex never went on dating sites that I know of but he would call his ex behind my back and tell her he loved her, missed her etc., It's true what the previous women said. The more you let situations like these slide, the more they test to see what they can get away with. I let a lot slide in the beginning and the disrespectful things he would do just grew and grew. I haven't met a man yet who truly chooses me but I ended up deciding not to settle for crumbs

I’m not buying it

Noooo this is not right. And for it to be multiple sites? No maam. I’d be out like a light 💡.

In my opinion, if he is willingly going on these apps regardless if it's "curiousity" or not, if he has the accounts he has bad intentions, know your worth, you are a beautiful woman who deserves to be treasured

if you’re bored go to the gym and work on yourself read a book watch a movie 😑

Lame ass excuses I would not believe him

Porn is a big no no to me, if a man feels the need to look at and watch other women get off, he’s full of lust and will 100% cheat given the chance. It looks like he was definitely trying to find a way to do something behind your back. And I’m so glad you’ve caught him… now knowing what you know, I hope you make the decision that is best for you. ❤️ because you deserve better than to have a little boy who’s “curious” about another woman’s body.

Men are dogs I’m so sorry

If you didn’t see him messaging anyone it could just be to look. Sometimes guys are stupid and I know it doesn’t make sense but I can tell you if he wanted to cheat he would have he could have easily hit someone up. Porn is just like a fantasy to some guys like the strip club don’t let this ruin your relationship.

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