Does my gestational sac look small?

My first pregnancy baby looked way smaller at 8 weeks and definitely looked like a I had a larger gestational sac, does this look normal to you guys? Unfortunately at my last ultrasound scan they did not measure my gest sac!
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Around 8 weeks it's starts to shrink and placenta to form and takes over x

@Kerrianne I had no idea!!!! Thank you so much I feel way better hahaha


No it doesn't shrink at eight weeks that's untrue I found out with my last baby who passed away around 13 weeks that at my eight week scan the gestational sac was small but strong heartbeat fast-forward to now I know the sac was small due to genetic defect called triploidy my baby died Valentine's Day

They kept reassuring me that a small sac could grow

But this is sign of problem sending prayers

7 weeks eight weeks and then again at thirteen weeks was last scan before he passed away

@Niki oh wow I’m sorry to hear this:( The sonographer didn’t mention anything about a small sac so I’m feeling quite positive, but do you think it looks small to you?

@ OP, your sac isn’t as small as Niki’s. I wouldn’t think you’re in the same situation based off her 8 week pic and yours. Please try not to worry

@Kiarra you make me feel so much better lol! I think maybe when they zoom in they don’t get a clear picture of the whole sac? because there’s another picture here that I will upload I’m not sure, ttc for 3 years and I’m trying not to worry about everything!

Yeah, you’re fine! I understand the worry. It was 4.5 years for me. Ended up having a horrible pregnancy 😂 had HG, hospitalized the last 5.5 weeks of it (because of me, not him), son was born 30+2 and spent almost 6 weeks in the NICU. But he’s 15.5 weeks now sleeping peacefully on my chest

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