Curious if anyone else has experienced this in pregnancy:

So this is my second pregnancy and never experienced this with my first ( I know every pregnancy is different). So last night i woke up with upper abdominal pain starting on the upper right side and just kinda spread over the top of my abdominal. It came in waves with my stomach tighting and would worersen when laying down. The pain i wpuld say was severe enough for me going to the Hospital but def felt like i shpukd be seen because maybe i should go amd i am just being stuborn 😅. Anywho this pain lasted from like 3am till about 6:30/7am. I called the nurse line once it was open but by then the pain was finally subsiding. I was told by the nurse it was trapped gas from my expanding uturas. Idk but that just seemed really odd for that tpbe the case. I never experienced anutjing like that with my first pregnancy and just felt like I was being brushed off. I vpuld be wrong but was curious if anyone else has experienced this?
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It could have been braxton hicks. But I would definitely get seen by doctor, and rule out anything scary. But sounds like nothing to be worried about just being safe! Weird thing to also be called trapped gas lol but who knows haha. I know they are experts

I will have to wait to my next appointment to ask. 😔 The nurse line won't schedule unless the deem it necessary and she just brushed it off

@Shelley That is the craziest thing I have heard. When is your next appointment?

I haven’t had it during pregnancy. However with my first I had a c-section and I had that extreme gas pain after, like that was worse than the incision pain, and they said it was because of my uterine contractions.

I’ve had something similar a couple times and think it might be crazy heartburn (or gas)! Like woken-me-up-pain. I had a minor version last night some tums did the trick. I couldn’t believe it. Never had heartburn before this

I have severe gas pains that cause Braxton hicks. Mine get post water break labor bad and the only thing that helps is doing bicycles to get the gas out

@Whitney my next appointment is 7/2 😔 @Jenn I experienced trapped gas with my c-section too but this felt different so didn't really think that was the case. But maybe the trap gas can be different 🤷🏼‍♀️

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