Retained placenta

Has any one had some retained placenta? How did you know? I got no breast milk and the lactation specialist said there may be some placenta left inside? I had a c-section.
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Hi! I had it with my first. I was bleeding constantly and couldn't lie down on my stomach without wanting to throw up. I ended up getting a fever of 42 and needed emergency surgery to stop me going septic. This was 2 months after giving birth and my bleeding never subsided! It didn't affect my supply but perhaps the quality as my daughter lost a lot of weight and we were asked to go back into hospital and she had a feeding tube and took ages to get back to birth weight. Hope this might help!

@Char ok I don’t think I have this. Thanks for your words 💫

My bleeding never stopped and 3 weeks post partum I bled so much I thought I was going to pass out and then passed several blood clots as big as an orange. I never had a fever or felt unwell at all but a scan showed retained placenta

@Rachel thank you

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