Low lying marginal placenta previa

So I’m just about 21 weeks. I had my anatomy scan last week and I was told everything is fine. I got an extra scan cause I was told they needed a few more things and we are moving. But I just found out I have a low lying marginal placenta previa. Has anyone had this? Did it move? If so when? I’m also pretty active, how did you navigate this?
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Commenting to follow. I'm 18 weeks +5 and found out I have a low-lying placenta at my anatomy scan, too.

I have a low lying placenta too I found out at 18w2d and won’t know if it’s moved unless I have something happen or my third trimester ultrasound whichever comes first

Marginal insertion of the cord with low lying placenta? Cuz I had both with my first. We got an extra scan at 31 weeks and the placenta ended up moving, marginal insertion caused no major issues. She's healthy and running around now at 12m

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