Anyone get left side cramps ?

7 weeks and been getting a dull ache kind of stabby feeling in my left side Also tmi I had yellow ish discharge when I wiped but only just once the rest of the times it was white sorry tmi Also it kinda hurts down there like my inside parts I’ve had a uti before so I don’t know if it’s this
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Yes, it’s very normal but if it’s painful then I would call a GP if they’re concerned they will refer you to EPU. With regards to discharge, you get an increase of discharge in pregnancy so I wouldn’t be worried about that as it’s a never ending thing 😅 If you have any concerns at all your GP is the best person to see as they can just test your urine for an infection

I get it on my right side, not constant, very ad hoc and dull pain. At my scan, it showed that I ovulated from the right ovary and the pain is probably the corpus luteum!

I was having pains on the right and went for a scan and they said it’s because I ovulated from that side. The yellow and sensation could be thrush - call your midwife and they will probably just tell you get get canesten and use your finger not the applicator xx

I get it on the left side. Was seen by EPU due some spotting and mentioned it to the midwife. Was told its bowel pain and not too worry

@Ester how long did you have this for cos it’s been like this on and off since yesterday and it’s just a really dull ache

I have it on and off, not every day but some days. I asked at an app I had on Monday and they’ve said it’s that!

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