Any tips for cellulite?

The cellulite on my thighs has gotten bad over the past few months and I’m a pretty active person. I do admit my diet was bad for those couple months as well. I take vital proteins collagen daily. It’s taking a toll on my self esteem. Any tips on reducing the appearance? Exercises, products etc? Thank you
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I wish there was a magic cure. Unless you have a lot of money for those expensive procedures, diet and drinking lots of water, while staying active is the only way to try and reduce it.

Consistent squats, lunges, deadlifts and RDL’s. Those exercises will not only help you lose the weight & gain muscle, but it will stretch out the skin to help minimize the appearance of cellulite. You don’t have to go heavy on the weight (at first). But you will want to increase the weight progressively over time. Running/jogging and lots of walking will also help in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Lastly, lower your sugar intake as much as possible as sugar causes the appearance of cellulite as well.

I’ve been using beef tallow infused with magnesium as a moisturizer and it really seems to help me with my pregnancy stretch marks. Also seems to help my face with wrinkles… Ancient skin care is amazing! Not sure how much it’s help but it may be worth a try.

Educate yourself on fascia. Have you ever peeled skin off of chicken and wondered what the clear stringy stuff is between the skin and muscle? Its fascia. It's web-like and on women, when it's tight and less healthy, cellulite forms. Take collagen supplements and get tools to break up the fascia. There's wood rolling types or ones with smooth claw ends to brush over your skin. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise and you can reduce or eliminate cellulite.

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