Will not go to bed at a reasonable time!

I completely get that a toddler who naps is likely to go to bed a bit later. However it literally doesn't matter what we do - even with no nap, he WILL NOT go to sleep before about 8/8:30. Usual bedtime these days is more like 9:30. He's always been quite low sleep needs but it's just getting too much. Anyone else experiencing similar??
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We went through this recently. Eventually worked out that he was overtired by bedtime at 19:00 due to not having enough daytime sleep. He now naps for about 1.5 hours starting at 12:00 and goes to bed no problems by 19:30 latest x

Same here, my little one was going to bed around 9, I have woken her up at 7 every day and been letting her nap longer than usual and she’s been going to bed at 7.30/8 the last few days and 8.30 today! Might need more sleep. I say this but a couple of months ago I tried everything and she still would only go down at 10pm soooo I feel ya mama

I put my little girl for a nap at weekends, and leave her to sleep until she wakes on her own. She still goes down for the night at half 7. Maybe your wee one is overtired? I find it harder to get my little girl down at bed time if she's had no nap, compared with a long nap. We've also had the same bedtime routine since day 1 pretty much, so I think she's kinda conditioned now, because she takes herself off to bed at the end of the routine lol.

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