Health visitor done referral to social services

During the end of my visit from health visitor. I started getting angry and crying and shouting at my husband in front of the health visitor. We were arguing before she came. She phoned me later and said how she feels my husband wasn’t supportive while I was upset and has done a referral to social services for me to have more support. I am really scared and not sure what this means. Has anyone else had this?
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The health visitor was acting in the best interests of the baby. Social services might well have a chat with you to check that baby and you are safe (I wrote baby first, despite the poor English, deliberately as they have no voice). Cooperate to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.

Hey it appears the health visitor may of had some concerns around the argument you had with your husband and how he supported you during your upset. A social worker will reach out to you and may just have a general chat about the argument, ask how you are, and your relationship with husband. Please do not be scared they are there to help you if in need of any additional support. The health visitor most likely wanted to ensure of your safety ❤️

Echoing what the other ladies have said - it sounds like the HV possibly picked up on the atmosphere at home and maybe from talking to you had some concerns that you may need more support. Social services may just call for a chat, see how you are and signpost you to support it offer support themselves depending on the assessment. Unfortunately the media has painted social services to be people who take away your kids - when they also are a service who can offer additional support for children and families.

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