Have you moved your baby onto the next milk?

Is anyone’s baby on cow and gate? Is it necessary to move your baby up on the next stages of milk? My health visitor told me it’s not necessary and she said they all have the same stuff in, and it’s just for marketing because they’re more expensive?
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Mines on the 6-12 month one, i think price wise its the same tbh, won't be doing the toddler one though! X

My midwife, doctor and the midwives on the ward before I left told me to not bother with follow on milk because its all a gimmick x

Mines on 6-12 but I won’t be giving toddler milk x

My LG is on cow and gate, she has been on stage 1 since since we went over to formula at 5 months. I do however buy the odd bottle of ready made stage 2 when they are on a club and offer so cheaper for my changing bag. I might carry on buying the odd toddler milk ready made bottles for my change bag even after transitioning yo cow milk just so I don't have to think about how to keep it cold...

I haven’t changed I’m still on number 1 X

My little one is on the 6 to 12 one and loves it

I'm a mix of breastfeeding still and the odd formula but we use aptamil, I wasn't told about it all being a gimmick until a few days ago by a friend, we won't be using the toddler milk he will then be onto cows milk and breast if I can still handle the biting🤣

We’re still on number 1 , especially cos I can get the 1.2kg value pack at my food shop and not on stage 2 but it’s no different & won’t be going onto the toddler milk

Don’t ever change from first milk is what I learnt in NCT. The milk is the same LOL

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