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My little girl is nearly 5 months old and exclusively breastfed. Does this look like a normal day to you? Really struggling to get her to nap at all 😩
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Every baby has different sleep needs, but 40-50 mins for a feed seems a bit too long. After that amount of time they start to burn more calories than they are taking in. Are you always feeding to sleep?

Agree with Sara regarding length of time spent feeding! Past a certain point the baby isn't getting as much as they're taking to keep eating. When my milk supply regulated I went to feeding her for ~30 mins total to between 10 and 15 for a full feed (on average, some are longer some are shorter). FWIW, I have a 5 month old as well. Our day is like this: 0630 - wake up, feed for 15 mins or so, then playtime or a walk 0815 - nap time anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours... and that's where the predictability stops LOL. Depending on how long her naps go sort of determines the rest of the day but usually she's up for 2 hours between each period of rest. I feed her when she wakes up from naps usually and on occasion before them if it's been a while and I don't think she will sleep long enough without haha.

Echoing the above. I exclusively BF and my LO (4.5 months) breastfeeds about every 2.5-3 hours for about 15 mins or so. Once the “suck swallow” rhythm slows, I either switch her to the other boob or stop her since she’s not actually drinking anything, just sucking. That’s when a pacifier comes in handy. Are you also doing any playtime between napping and feeding? If not, I would incorporate that into your daily schedule - whether it’s tummy time, going for a walk, reading or making noises with her.

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