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Has anyone given birth at Forth Valley Hospital? I am based near Perth but I want epidural for my birth therefore I'd have to go to Dundee but I have heard not too many good things from Ninewells, so I was thinking of asking for a referral for Forth Valley but wanted to know opinions before asking for anything. Thanks!
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I gave birth at forth valley hospital and the staff were fantastic! they offered lots of different things to make me and my partner feel happy and comfortable:) My daughter arrived completely safe and happy as well and they went along with all my decisions without any hesitation ☺️

@Leia do you know if they do epidurals and emergency c sections if needed? Sorry I'm quite new in the area and don't really know much about Forth Valley Hospital. Also do you know if the suites are individual or for two people or more, and if they are ensuite? Thanks!

@Lidia hi, they do both! :) Usually people are shared in a room but I managed to get one myself which was an en-suite!

The only ward I didn't have a good experience on was the ward after you have given birth. I mean the staff were in and out giving meds (I had a planned section as my little girl was breech) however I felt you were just left to it. There was one really nice staff member who took my LO as I hadn't slept to feed her and settle her and told me to sleep and she would bring her back once she was settled. I was in a ward with only 3 of us, after returning from recovery and my mum and other visitor being there a nurse then came round and said "I take it you heard the matron? No curtains have to be closed during the day unless you are being changed etc" and the curtains were swiftly..

opened for us giving us no privacy at all after just having major surgery or the other girls on the ward. That being said every other part of the section went really well, the care I received the night before (kept in for high blood pressure) the girls were fantastic and the team that carried out the section were also fantastic perhaps just a matron on a power trip! Xx

I'm giving birth at ninewells this time around (I need to get a c- section so perth is out of the question). Following this as also would like to steer away from ninewells. I'm new to this area but have already had a crappy experience at ninewells. Be good to know if you managed to choose another hospital Thanks :)

I gave birth in forth valley in 2021, my little girl was almost 7 weeks early and they were absolutely amazing with me and my partner. We had our own room the full time which was en-suite and I'm due to give birth there again next month. I wouldn't go else where the only issue I did have was the aftercare ward it was an older nursing assistant who was very abrupt with me after having a catheter out but I said to another member of staff, they reassured me she wouldn't be back in to me and she wasn't. Honestly can't fault the place one bit x

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