Anyone else found the canines the worst teeth to cut, even worse than the molars? Feel like my little ones have just been taking agesssss, it’s been a good couple of weeks now and only the spikey bit has come through and I can see the two right under the gum so they’re coming any day now! It’s affecting her appetite and her sleep😩 she went down at 7 today with calpol too and she’s already woke up crying and doesn’t want to go back down, she’s super emotional and clingy and all snotty with these ones too! She’s never really struggled with any other teeth tbh she handles it really well but she’s so sensitive with these ones and keeps telling me “mommy teeth hurt”. Is it normal for them to be the worst ones and take ages to cut?!
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Yep canines we're the worst, my boy got them quite early but these ones cut through one at a time with about 3 weeks teething between each one. 1st came through at 12 months but the last cut at 14 months. Was awful with them, went through so much calpol. He's got his 2 bottom 2nd molars now and the other 2 on their way and are much less painful than the canines.

@Louise my little one got her molars first and she made them seem like a breeze but these ones are making her so emotional and just not her usual self at all! don’t get me started on sleep 😩 how long did they take to cut each one? I feel like they’re taking so so long to completely come through I can literally only sleep the spikey bit so she’s got quite a while to go the next one will probably start within the next couple of days cause I can see the white of the tooth right under her gum! And the one at the top too 😩

Same over here, molars cane through and the lower canines are taking forever and playing havoc with him. My little one is constantly having his fingers in his mouth and his temperament is all over the place. He's had the tips cut through but nothing else for over a week x

I could have written this post myself. My LG has her top canines erupting at the moment. She’s eats minimal food now, super fussy and clingy. Never seen her like this. Even cries in her sleep :( Calpol and Neurofen seem to have minimal effect. Really hoping this passes quickly.

I could have written this myself! We’re going through the exact same thing with our little one at the moment, she’s got all 4 coming through at the same time 🥺

Yeah his 1st molars all came in days of each other at 11 months and we're bad then went straight to the canines which were way worse. First 3 took about 3 weeks to cut through but it was so close to the gum. The last took ages, it was so close for about 4 weeks before it finally cut through.

Canines are by far the worst to cut. Thankfully my little boy only has 2 teeth left to come x

It’s such a shame to see them isn’t it! She’s very emotional again all day today the slightest thing she’s distraught over bless her! Think she’s getting 3 all together I’ll be glad when they’re all through 😩 hope all your little ones come through quickly too so we can get our happy babas back! X

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