First Timer w/ fears, diabetes & questions!

Hey ladies!! Found out I was pregnant last week .. took about 10 more tests and all are bright POSITIVES. I go for my hCG test on Thursday morning. Does anyone in here have type 2 diabetes that is pregnant? I’m also a huge emtaphobic. ((Fear of vomiting)). I know I know … fear of vomiting yet I get pregnant and will deal with a kid vomiting. I’m trying to work through my anxiety ridden phobia. So far I am just extremely tired, bloated, mild headaches and nausea at different moments of the day. Is there chances one won’t vomit at all during pregnancy? I am currently using Pink Stork morning sickness sweets that seem to help. But I’m just so scared to be sick … :-(. My dr won’t do an ultrasound until 10.5 weeks - I am a little annoyed by it. I’m flying 4th of July weekend which will be my 8/9 week mark. Does nausea and symptoms really get worse around then? Has anyone experienced these issues I have? What have you done? Thank you!!!!!!
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I never threw up! Had nausea - quite bad some days but was never sick. My worst weeks for sickness were 6-8 and then 11-13. Weeks 8/9/10 I felt okay 😂 it was all random tbh! Just try not to think about it 💙

That encouraging to hear not everyone vomits. Thank you!!!

I was sick my whole pregnancy so I can't speak to not getting sick but I will say crackers, pickles, and sonic slushies (separate) were great on my stomach and my pregnancy actually forced me to overcome my fear of vomiting because it was such a common experience 😬 best of luck to you and your lo...

Hi Raechel! Congratulations! You’ll do great! Somehow we all manage when we have to. I have never had nausea or vomiting with my first, even though I had a brain tumor (didn’t know at the time) that a year later made me vomit constantly so I feel your phobia! If I ever felt a touch nauseous having a little snack always helped through pregnancy. Focus on proteins and low carb stuff! Like cheese cubes and berries for example! Hope that helps :) and I hate the wait too!!!

@Vivien thank you so much!!! I’m constantly have saltines (2-3) of them when I feel icky. Today has been a good day and energy has been high. Nighttime is when I start to feel icky usually. But even when I get up in middle of night I eat a few saltines and water to always keep something in my body to help not get sick. At least that’s what I’m telling myself lol.

@Saphire Ekks. I am sorry you were sick the whole time. I’m living on saltines! How did you overcome the fear .. other than actually doing it. Like mentally how did you prepare yourself for it ?

@Raechel honestly it was like forced exposure therapy I didn't have much choice in my getting sick so I sat by the toilet sobbing in the beginning then by the end of it I'd just walk in yak and walk back out like no big deal 😬

I have type 2 diabetes

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