Ovulation test tracking

Can anyone give me some insight to ovulation tracking please
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So I tested Cycle days 10 to 20 and then it will give you a peak and you learn a pattern of when you peak and the peak will tell you around the time you ovulate so then you know when it’s best to baby dance xx

Thankyou for your comment. How do you know when you peak 💓xx @Leah

So I use an app called Premom and it will show you when you are at a peak. Let me grab mine and show you xx

Take one every morning and as soon as soon as you get a high reading then test morning and evening to catch your peak time 🥰 as soon as it recognises your peak then get baby dancing as soon as you can 💓xx

@Leah thankyou for explaining 🥰 I got these and downloaded the app , gonna follow what you said xxx

Of course! It’s not easy when your starting 🥰 yes download it and buy some easy at home LH tests and you’ll be all ready xx

@Leah was just confused how it all works honestly haha , took one today and one yesterday , starting CD6 and it says 0.22 low, just gonna keep taking as you said

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