Anyone else?

My baby boy is almost 8 months old and whilst he is such a delight and the light of my life, he’s constantly wanting to be on the move now and I’m finding it harder than I was before, please tell me I’m not alone in this? Some days I feel drained!
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I’m having the same with my little one, who’s 7 months old . It can be so difficult!!!

I could’ve written this myself, it’s relentless isn’t it! I feel so guilty for putting the TV on sometimes for him but it’s the only way I can sometimes get anything done as he’ll happily sit and watch the gruffalo 😂 your not alone at all lovely, it’s tough and they’re growing and I’m finding lifting and moving my baby boy quite a strain so it’s mentally and physically a tough time right now I’m finding 💙

@Shauna I’m glad to hear I’m not alone, I assume most do feel this way but I feel so guilty! It’s not as though I don’t love every second with him but it’s become really hard at times xx

@Emma thank you so much for this, I think more than anything it’s the mum guilt but I just keep trying to remind myself that it’s natural to feel this way. We obviously love time with our babies but it can be bloody hard! Xx

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