Has anyone had spotting or little streaks of blood when they wiped at 6w and everything with baby been okay?? 😣 I’ve just had a little bit now whilst on the toilet and I’m freaking out.
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Yes! I had on and offf bleeding, had a scan and all okay! 🥰 they said sometimes it is residual blood build up. If it gets worse and you have any pain though, Call your local early pregnancy unit! Or call them anyway if you’re worried Hang in there❤️

@Jess thank you 🥺🥺😓 x I’ve only had the slightest slightest bit and not had anymore, no pain either so that’s a positive sign I suppose x I think I’m going to call them anyway x

I had brown discharge in week 4, then it turned darker then eventually red. Honestly so terrifying! First pregnancy so anxiety through the roof but everything seems on track. Definitely 👍🏼 trust your gut!

I had quite a lot of light bleeding at 6 weeks with my first. I had an early pregnancy scan and everything was fine - he’s now 13 months :)

I have been having very light pink spotting for a few days and my consultant said it’s very common in early pregnancy and not to worry. If it’s bright red and heavy that’s when you need to worry. I had a missed miscarriage in March so extra anxious! Your cervix is more sensitive so things like sex or pessaries can irritate it and cause mild bleeding. In my case I’m using progesterone pessaries twice a day so putting it down to that.

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