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I had my membrane sweep at 39 weeks 3 days & had inconsistent contractions for almost 48 hrs then went into labor for 12hrs & pushed only 15 mins! I got the epidural (the insertion was the worst part of the labor process for me! The anesthesiologist gave unclear instructions and I felt lots of pain probably the worst in my life😫) which took about 15 mins to complete then I felt completely numb and slept through the contractions until it was time to push!

I have had 2 at 37 weeks. Both were super smooth. Both used cytotec to soften, 2 rounds over 8 hours then pitocin drip for 4, then epidural and got water broken. With my first, I then took a nap for a few hours, by around 16 hour mark I had progressed to active labor (5cm) on pitocin drip. About 2.5 hours active labor +1hr pushing. With second, took a nap and when midwife on call came in less than 2 hour later to introduce herself, they checked and I was 10cm! Baby practically fell out of me that time. Laughed about something and started crowning. Only pushed like 1.5 times and very half assed cuz I hadnt slept in 3 days and he was out like a damn slip and slide 😂 Both very smooth all things considered. Both were the easiest part of the entire experience because I had 2 miserable pregnancies.

I was 38+3 and had to have induction but it was so amazing and such a calm atmosphere I felt so at ease! I had my waters broken at 1:15am and they put me on a mild amount of the oxytocin drip at 3:15am and then I pushed for 30 mins had my baby at 6:28am and then was discharged at 1:30pm the same day! I only had gas and air and diamorphine up until 4am as I was 4cm! Then at 4:58am I was 7cm so could only have gas and air no more diamorphine from then on 5:58am was 10cm! It was amazing so quick all I had was an episiotomy and then I got a 1st degree tear was minor! Had the most amazing birth!!

I still have mixed feelings about my last induction. (I had two now) But one thing that I absolutely loved was the sloth position that my nurse put me in and gave me a round ligament massage that helped speed up my labor. The thing I wish I mentally prepared for was labor shakes. And that’s it.

I had a sweep at 39 weeks and 5 days, and then my waters broke naturally on my due date. We went to the hospital, and I labored in triage for 12 hours because they had no room for me. Once I got a room, they put me on pitocin, and I went into active labor. They gave me 2 epidural both failed. At the end of the second one I was feeling a lot of pressure, so they checked me, and I was fully dilated. I pushed for 30 mins. She was born after 28 hours of labor

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