Saying words

Anyone else’s 15 month not really saying words even like mamma or dada. My LB mumbles tries to hum along to nursery rhymes like he wants to talk and points etc and has said ma maybe a couple of times but actually saying words he’s like nope
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Mine is the same - I keep being told not to worry but it's hard not to

My LG says Dada, Mama, Hiya and Ta and she points at pictures and says aw 🤣 but that's it. I thought she'd be speaking full sentences by now!

My son is 15 months he is same not saying mama dada only babbling and saying hi and bye and ball this three word only I am worried too

Not even mama or dada or any words just babbling. I'm a bit worried coz we speak simultaneously 4 languages at home but I speak to him in English mostly and his father speaks his own language to him so there's a bit of a challenge there.

My boys can say dada and babble but that's all so wouldn't worry just yet I'm only gonna start to worry when there 18 months and still cant say anything

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