Baby straining all day 💩

Does anyone else’s baby constantly strain throughout the day? My little girl is 4 weeks old and strains so hard it makes her go red in the face and she gets so frustrated with herself, she doesn’t always go for a poo and might not for hours, she’s only going 2 times a day. She has infacol with every bottle to help pass gas which is recommended by the doctor, she’s formula fed on Aptamil. 🩷 Have also been to the doctors and they don’t seem concerned but just doesn’t seem normal to me 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Ahh I’m sorry baby girl is going through this. I remember it with my girl well and dreading this time round. I think it’s just something they all go through because their bellies are getting used to digesting the milk etc. unpopular opinion but you can give tiny amounts of boiled cooled water. Plus I mean it’s normal as well for them not to go everyday. Xxx

Sounds like wind, my baby suffered with this and reflux so we changed her bottles to dr browns anti colic bottles and she’s a changed baby! Pooing 2x a day doesn’t sound bad at all xx

It's normal. My baby does this too. It's because their little digestive systems are still developing. So are their nervous systems and every other system that helps them poo. It will get easier for her. Pooing twice a day is really good. Even pooing once every 4 or 5 days is considered normal at this age.

My boy has started doing this the past 2 days. I think it may be a bit of infant dyschezia which they're meant to grow out of so I'm not too worried x

Same here she’s 4 and a half weeks. Look up Grunting Baby syndrome it’s very common and they grow out of it on their own.

Same exact thing is happening with my little one. 4 weeks old, on aptamil, she strains a lot during the day and seems in pain. I also give her infacol, which only mildly seems to help. I did mention it to the GP, who told me her digestive system is still developing and its normal since she has no other symptoms.

We had this around week 4 as well! We are trying advanced anti-colic bottles and give her a little massage every now and then with bicycle legs. Sometimes as we wind her during a feed she will relax and do a poo or pass wind as well. It seems to be getting better after week 6 but it might just because her digestive system is developing rather than because of what we sre trying.

Thank you for everyone’s replies 🩷 feel much more reassured knowing it’s slightly normal and just unfortunate that some babies are like this 😓 hopefully with the on coming weeks we’ll see progress! Shes had this since she was 2 weeks old and at week 4 if I look back she isn’t as bad as she was 2 weeks ago! 🥹

My baby is 4 weeks old and does the same, he only goes every 2/3 days, in between there’s a tiny bit in his nappy now and again, he also suffers with wind and reflux so maybe it’s just tummy pain?

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