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What size are your 3 nearly 4 year olds as my little boy is a size 9 and I feel that he has massive feet for his age🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
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My daughter is size 8

My little boy is in a 9 too. It’s funny because he’s otherwise quite small! I just got him a new pair of wellies though as we’ve had a lot of rain and I got the 3-4yrs and they are a 9 xx

My little girl is a 10 🙈

Mines a diddy boy, he's just in a 7 🤣

Mines in a 7 too x

My daughter is a 9 but she’s really tall for her age, 112cm so I’d say they’re average size for her height 😅

My 3 year old has size 9 shoes

My little girl is 9.5 x

My daughter it’s also 9 she’s and dres 4-5 years

My little one is still a size 4/5 she’s 4 in October just feel her feet haven’t grew in over a year! X

9 too!

My boy were size 7-8

9G here. My 2 year old is following suit 7.5H already

@Brenda my boy is tall, the other day we saw some school kids who were 5 and 7 and he was taller 😭

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