Anyone have any ideas for Father’s Day gifts ?

Last year I went to dollar store got a whole bunch or paints and canvas and put my daughters feet on it with a happy Father’s Day and her pic in a lil basket with candy , essentials and other random stuff But I have no idea what to do this time ? Any ideas ?
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I got my husband a custom made song on songfinch :)

I bought my husband a chocolate box from ebay with a message on it from our little boy 😊

I got a mug made with his favourite pictures of him and bub :) Thought he might like to take and use it at work. Also got a custom card with with some cute photos and a nice message from baba :)

I got my bf a pair of socks, a tshirt, a key ring and a trainer cleaning kit.

My mans a big nerd and he likes collecting coffee mugs so I got him a coffee mug designed through his favorite video game and I gave it to him early and he absolutely lit up

I got hubby a ridge wallet this year for Father’s Day. His bday is today so I also got him Bartesian drink machine.

I just got a custom shirt for my partner (: In Spanish reading The Best F ing dad lol

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