My daughter is 6 months old and it seems like lately she is not wanting to eat much like she used to. Should I be worried she is still eating but it seems like it is a longer time frame than what she has been doing. She is breastfeed
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She's just growing up a bit(; my baby too! I'm sure there will still be growth spurts where she eats more from time to time. They're also distracted because they're trying to learn to crawl around and explore more!

Same here! Happened before his teeth came through round 1 and now he’s teething again so back to the weird eating habits 🤷‍♀️

My baby toooooo lol he went from 52oz to 28oz in a day worths of meals 🤪 and 5hrs of sleep to 2-3hrs. Mine was like this all last week, and today was the first “normal” day we had since 😂

My daughter does this from time to time!! And very distracted while feeding. More interested in baby food as well.

I had to start rocking my baby and getting her a little sleepy/feeding in a dark quiet room because I was worried she wasn't eating enough. But if your baby is eating solids/purees they may be eating less milk due to that!

Babies also get more efficient at breastfeeding as time goes on so they may not need as long as they use to!

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