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At the moment my breasts don’t seem to be filling up, I’ve tried to get my daughter (1month) to feed, I’m not sure if it’s because of her tongue tie, but she seems to be leaving some sort of really sore like blisters around my nipples, which then means I can’t feed her, and I’ve had like a drop of blood after each feed too. I’m not sure what I can do really, I’ve put nipples cream on after feeds and after showers, first my right nipple was sore and unfeedable now it’s my right one…I really need some advice.
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Hi lovely I’m a trained breastfeeding supporter if you wanted to I can message you and give you some support. Are you planning on getting the tongue tie corrected? Xx

@Elise unfortunately the hospital never mentioned about getting her tongue tie sorted, and I would love some help

Hey! So the blisters around the nipples.... If it's on the nipple itself it's a milk bleb As to tongue tie, my understanding is pediatric dentists can take care of those

I had this with my third and the silverette nipple cups and earth mama nipple cream brought the most relief. My daughter had an upper lip tie but I didn’t realize that until months and months later after we’d already gotten fairly settled with breastfeeding . I think it would have been much more comfortable earlier on if I had it corrected

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