Father's day gift for young dads.

I need help finding out what to gift my 20 year old baby daddy. He likes video games, he likes music, and his vibe/look is like an edgy skater. I asked him if there was anything he would want and he said a watch would be fine, but he has never talked about watches before and I'm so lost as to what type he would want. I know he isn't the type to want something crazy fancy, but I don't know what suits his style. If there are any gift ideas that could be watch-related or just related to his personality I could use help😅.
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Maybe a g shock

Sounds like it would fit his vibe & they aren’t too expensive

I went on Etsy for my boyfriends birthday and got him a little light made with his gamer tag and he loved it!

Get him an engraved watch from Etsy

Yours sounds like mine to a T. Whenever it’s something specific like that I ask them to look up ones they like or look up a few myself and ask what they think of them. Or if u can go and look in a store.

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