Baby food

When did everyone give there baby purées and water and all that stuff my son is about to be three months old on the 17th so I want to see when I could give him all that stuff
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The new guidelines are no food at all until 6 months. Baby should also be sitting up on their own, tongue thrust reflex gone, and weigh roughly twice their birth weight.

6 months, skip purees and go straight to solid food.

Only as early as 4 months is what I’ve seen and that’s with pediatricians approval. But the guidelines specify only as early as 6 months.

Around 6 months of age when you start to see the baby is interested in what you’re eating and she can seat on their own. Every baby is different so it can be a little bit soon than 6 months but usually is later

Pediatrician recommends waiting until 6 months. Unless there is some sort of issue with your baby then I have seen them recommend solids earlier than that.

In hispanic cultures we start introducing stuff at 3 months

I let mine suck on watermelon he loves it

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