How to coparent with a newborn?

My bd and I aren’t currently together. He coparent with his first wife and has his teenage daughters once a week. He wants to do the same with my 2 month old but he rarely takes care of her and never has done it alone. He works a lot so he sleeps a lot which means during the days he has his teenage daughters they’re usually doing their own thing. I always encouraged him to take them out and do things with them so I’m scared he won’t realize what my baby needs. I’m scared he’ll make them take care of my baby. Or if he falls asleep and not realize my baby needs attention. But I can’t not let him see his daughter so how do I go about this? How do I get comfortable letting him take my daughter when I have her all day every day?
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Maybe starting with a couple hours? Mine got granted 2 hour visit to start (she’s 3 months old). It’s still so scary 🥺

@Courtney do you let him take her to his house? Or does he see her there

@Courtney also did you go thru the court?

Yes he filed when she was 3 weeks old and went to court a couple weeks ago. He actually lives across the country, so his first visit will be later this week. Feel free to message me!

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