How do we feel about weekly coffee dates?

My friends started this things called Coffee & Connection where mamas meet up weekly at a coffee shop just to connect. You can bring the babies. But would that interest you guys if I hosted something like that? Lmk✨
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Absolutely! I have my son 100 full time so I’d always have to have my mini.

I’ve been searching for something like this!

What part of Phoenix? Phoenix Phoenix? West side? East side?

Yes! Depending on what part of town.

I’m open to suggestions on where! Just wanted to see the interest 1st💫

I'd love to as long as it's close enough to get to!

This sounds amazing! I would absolutely love to tag along 🥰

Sounds fun!!

also interested depending on area!!

Definitely interested (:

Ladies does the week or weekend work better?!

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