Jus need to vent I’m really tired of this same mf texting me n threatening me every month or every other month n stalking me been goin on for almost a year now police rllt don’t care unless somebody is unalived 🤦🏾‍♀️like I’m bringing a child in this world soon some gotta change like fr bc it I set the dude up imma b the one in jail
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With text proof of threats a magistrate should automatically be able to file a temporary restraining order until a judge can establish a permanent one. Have you tried going to the magistrate instead of the police?

@Hannah I’ve never heard of a magistrate before

They’re the ppl that set bond, establish charges, etc. should be 1 available to you 24/7 at the courthouse unless out on break.

Yeah you should be able to get temp restraining order until they can decide whether it’s going to be permanent. If I’m correct it’s usually 1 year and then if the person is still doing the same you file again to get a longer one. I’m in UK though and don’t know where you are. Save everything, record him and take photos if he’s stalking you. The terrible thing is they definitely should take action right now because people like this can get worse. Hopefully not in your case but threats given to you especially is major. Can you not do something about them not taking action? And don’t set him up, don’t antagonise him and provoke him(not that I’m saying you do)but not only can it make him worse but police may then not take it as serious

@Dionne I’m in US and yes ma’am it works the same way here!! She should def look into it for her & her child’s safety

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