My baby suddenly became really clingy

So my little girl is 5 1/2 months and she’s always been great I could leave her in the room and she’d be happy as Larry but for the past week or so the moment I take a step away she’s screaming. I try and put her in her bouncer or on her mat to occupy her but still nothing. Shes always happy the moment I pick her up 😭 She is a little under the weather so I’m not sure if it could be that as well but any suggestions? Photo of my little girl 🩷
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@Neena thank you! What app is that? Seems very helpful x

Okay miss eyebrows on fleek! 😂❤️

Download the Wonder Weeks app 😊 x

Mine is exactly the same and also 5 and a half months! I could have written this myself!

@Gabriela it’s the Wonder Weeks app 😁

Experiencing exactly the same thing! 5 months and half boy ☺️ I talked with a consultant and she said it is most probably a development leap!

mine is most of the time like this 🫣

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