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When did you guys start your babies on baby rice/ porridge ? I know the guideline in the uk advise 6months but I’ve been wanting to start my 4 month old on baby rice and only baby rice till 6 months.
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I was advised yesterday to wait until as close to 6 months as possible by my health visitor

I started at 16 weeks, he’s never been happier. You’ll know your baby best x

Obviously I was born in the 90’s but I was on baby rice by 8 weeks. I was just a hungry baby and never satisfied. My mum always says that milk when you think about it is like soup, and I just wasn’t filling up on soup 😂 I would polish off baby rice and a bottle of milk before I was happy. To this day I have a hearty appetite! You know your baby best, you can always try and see how it works for you then go from that

My little one is very nearly 6 months. And her readiness for food now is COMPLETELY different to her at 4 months. In my personal experience in a week she has had/ and liked more foods and textures than all the babies we have met that have been early weaned. Baby rice is a “filler” and has basically no nutritional. So just make sure you aren’t supplementing for milk at this age should you choose to give it. 😊

I started feeding my girl pouches of fruit and baby rice cereal from 16 weeks, she absolutely loves it she was so ready for it you will know when baby is ready

I was trying to wait until 6 months which my babies now are, but I actually gave them it about 5 months as I thought they where ready 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d say it’s whenever you think you baby and you are ready, they say once your baby can hold them selves and their head up then go for it. One of my girls didn’t take to the baby rice or spoon food so I gave her a rusk and she preferred that or the 4+ months baby crisps or wafers xx

@Meg early I was a 2002 baby but still got the bottles with oats in them😅. But I guess a lot more recent studies have been shown that the baby’s gut does not have the proper enzymes to break it down and that it causes gut issues in the future. Which might make sense as I’ve always had extremely bad stomach issues😂

In Canada I was personally told to start my son at four months just based on his development, meaning he was sitting up by himself and my doctor told me that's the best sign to show your child's digestive tract has matured enough to take small amounts of normal food. I was told to only try a few teaspoons until he was old enough for a proper high chair instead of just being held by someone while I fed him it and also to just to do a few spoonfuls before every time he drank, as my son also had bad acid reflux and that did help more than medications. If you and your doctor feel your child is developed enough talk to them about it and they may say it's a good idea to start trying to feed a few little spoonfuls earlier than six months.

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