I know it’s early to even think about having another but I hate pregnancy. I love my boy more than anything and I don’t want him to ever feel lonely but I cannot be pregnant again. I feel so emotionally drained all the time and I just don’t want to go through this again. Is that selfish of me.
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lol I felt that way during last pregnancy and after for a bit. The hormones that we supposedly make to help us forget didn’t kick in for awhile 🤣 I forgot how much I hated pregnancy and a year after having my daughter we wanted another—and here I am! Hating pregnancy too lol omg so much. But we are having a boy and I’m excited to have him out already lol

I said that and now in october I will have a one year old and a new born. It sucks the second time as well.

It took us 5 years to even think about another one! Whatever you decide, it’ll be the perfect decision for your family and you!

My first pregnancy sucked, but this one is a breeze! I waited 6 years to have my second as I was 17 with my first. I just was so so SICK & literally felt like I was dieing everyday lmao but this time around I work at an animal shelter where Im ironically pushing through ( 6m already) & I could have NEVER done this type of work with my first- the smells alone would have had me on my knees.

I’m 36 with my first and I hate it. I’m glad I waited this long to do it. Im also glad that I got pregnant being older, it took about 2 years to conceive. But I will never do this again. Worse experience ever

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