Feeding amounts ( formula )

My little girl is 8 weeks & her amount she takes really depends sometimes she’ll take 6oz other times 2oz sometimes 3oz 4 or 5 it varies between 2-6oz anyone else’s the same?
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Yes my 7 week old is on 5oz sometimes will only take one sometimes will take the whole 5oz and still look for more, I rang the healthvistor and asked for advice, like whether hungrier milk would be an option or upping him to the next oz and she told me I was rushing my child he’s on far to much already, and babies will feed when they want to and how much they want depending on their hunger

Yes mine is the same!! She is 8 weeks too ❤️❤️

Hi, yep my boy is also 8 weeks and is exactly the same. Will sometimes do a bottles in 2 sittings as well (before the 2 hour limit is up) so he can be feeding up to 11 times a day! He tends to have the lower amounts during the night. Hoping that he'll drop them soon and have a bigger feed before bed 🤞🤞 our HV said it's completely normal especially at this age and to just feed on demand and as much as they need but to avoid hungry baby formula as that's known for blocking them up x

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