Does anyone get so upset when they are away from they other half even if it’s for the night? I’ve been in tears for the past hour trying to stop is this normal I’ve never had this happen xx
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My husband stays out every Tuesday. I absolutely hate when it comes around every week x

I get upset and on a downer all day/night x

@Gayle it Doesn’t happen very often but when it does it actually kills me it’s so sad going through pregnancy aswell cxx

My partners going to Amsterdam with his dad at the end of July for a week and im dreading it 😭 ill be 19w pregnant and im just scared to be alone 🤣

It kills me every week, sometimes I beg him not to go. I have a 2 year old but I still feel so lonely when he's not here xx

@Mia he will always be on the other end of the phone it’s just missing him xxxx

Believe me it won’t last 😂

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