Holiday must haves!

What are you must haves for a toddler on holiday whether it’s for the plane / travel or at the destination. Not sure if there’s things I wouldn’t even think to bring. Definitely thinking of bringing my own cot sheet but not sure what I would need?
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We took everything but the kitchen sink 🤣 but our absolutely must haves were the snooze shade, a pram fan & a portable white noise machine. Plus for the plane we downloaded a few things on Netflix/disney & bought some fidget poppers which she was obsessed with along with lots of snacks. We took Calpol & neurofen plus creams for her bum. Her own bowl (suction one) so she didn’t make as much mess x

@Holly I have a fan so that’s good! Better remember the charger 😂. I have Ewan the sheep and he won’t sleep without it but I’d be scared to lose it, I’ve been looking at the portable ones to attach to the pushchair. Good point for medicines and creams, are there restrictions or no because it’s medicine? Also what snacks did you take if you don’t mind sharing. The bowl and cutlery is such a good idea! X

For nap times when out - snoozeshade, rockit, portable fan For the plane - aaaaall the snacks, little toys they’ve never seen before (you can wrap them up to make them even more exciting!) mess free paint books (just a water pen that shows up colours when used), sticker books, iPad/tablet Depending on destination - mosquito repellant wrist bands, pool toys as they can be crazy expensive For meals - your own small cutlery if little one uses them and a suction plate so dinner doesn’t go flying For the room (again, depending on where you’re going!) non slip bath mat as some hotel baths can be super slippery, tube of hand wash detergent in case there are any stained clothes you need to soak before you can wash it properly, small bath thermometer if you still use one …can’t think of anything else that’s not just every day stuff you’ll already have on your list, but I’m sure I will! 🤣

@Jessie if you think of more please let me know 😆. What snacks did you use for the plane as I guess you have to split for going and coming back. I also just thought about snacks during the holiday. Feel like I need a whole suitcase just for that 😂. I have a few watercolour books so maybe I’ll save them for the trip, I’ll invest in a sticker book too. We have a 2.5 hour flight but then the transfer is 1.5 hours too😅 lots of travelling before we get there. Bath mat is a great idea! My mum has one of those tubes, she just went on holiday and said it was good for her bikinis 🤣 definitely will take that. Thank you!

Oh my girl has a tommee tippee dream maker for sleeping at night so we made sure to take it! We were fine taking medicines as they were no more than 100ml. For snacks we took non-perishables which weren’t the healthiest but definitely came in handy when she was grouchy between meal times - malted milks, flap jack bars & fruity baked bars. We were all inclusive so we took fruit at breakfast time for her too. Oh and another thing if your little one still has bottles, I took some fairy liquid and a sponge. Our hotel provided a baby bath for us, she was a little big for it but loves splashing on the balcony haha x

Yeah you do end up needed a tonne of snacks for there, during and flight home 😄 for snacks on the plane I’d do mini breadsticks, veggie stick crisps, fruit pouches, raisins, puff corn etc. anything that’s not going to make a crazy amount of mess 😅 Another thing I took was some Tupperware boxes so we’d get fresh fruit and pastries at breakfast to snack on late morning x

@Jessie this might sound silly but with the pouches are there restrictions as it’s liquid? I wanted to bring ready toddler milk also to save myself the hassle but again wasn’t sure about liquid restrictions

I could be wrong, but I believe there’s no limit to the pouches as they’re listed in weight (grams) not ml. I also think baby formula is unlimited too, but you can usually pre-order and collect it air-side from places like Boots if you’re worried or if it makes things easier. My little one is breastfed, so not 100% certain about the restrictions with that, but I’m pretty sure it’s unlimited, so long as you take it all out and put in the trays when going through security x

I used a carrier when she was younger for getting on and off the plane / getting luggage which helped loads. Big blanket for plane, if it’s long and they’ll be sleeping. Definitely stickers for the plane, lots of snacks, I took wafers, bananas, dates, and rice cakes and also download some videos for emergencies. I only used those on our long haul flight when she was getting uncontrollable 😂 I second the bath mat, I didn’t think to take one and she absolutely hated getting a bath as it was so slippy Anti bac wipes for highchairs, the hotel we stayed at was lovely but I noticed highchairs weren’t cleaned fully at busy times Crocs / shoes that are easy to get on and off for the pool Sleeping bag incase you have air con on at night x

Grandparents? Lol x

@Gemma sorted 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I took a fold out booster seat for the plane (we paid for an extra seat so during the flight she had her own seat) and it was the best thing ever and for the transfer she was good as gold saved fighting with her to keep her in the seat! Deffo tablet / water colouring book as stated above and fidget spinners you can stick to the tray table /window kept our little one entertained for ages! If you use a sound machine definitely take that! Order snacks/pouches /swim nappies/ nappies etc to boots to pick up in the terminal so doesn’t use up hand luggage allowance! 🤪

@Leah-Shannon I think my boy will probably want to be sat on me he’s so clingy 😂 if not then he’ll probably be running up and down and watching the window. Definitely need to pack so many toys and snacks. I’ve heard of this before! Definitely need to do that. I’d like to save on hand luggage as much as I can so that’s good to know

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