Good afternoon

Ladies I need to vent with no judgement, or criticism
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Ok, let's hear it!

You vent, girl

Let it out! 👏🏼


If you don't vent, I will probably start to vent myself 😂

@Vanessa same 😅

Let's do this!!! Vent away Kendall, vent aaawayyy

Sorry ladies been busy since I been off at 6am

But I'm just starting to sit down and get comfortable

Can I vent a tiny bit My dad sold his car for £1500 to a dealer at a garage, a stranger, knowing I would of brought it off him, knowing I needed it, knowing I asked him to sell it to me, knowing I'm going through a hard time, knowing the car we have is abit of a pit and not very safe 😮‍💨talk about being stabbed in back by own parents, then they wonder when I show dislike and upset and anger why I feel bad towards them when they do shit like that 🙊

@Jennifer I don’t understand why does your room look like that 😕

Single, Sick, old mom + 2 nuerodiverent preschoolers

@Jennifer lucky for you Michigan goes based off of how often he has them when determining child support

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