Breast feeding- am i overthinking this?

This is my first time posting on here. I feel like i need to vent. My LO is 5 months old and i had hoped to only breast feed my baby at least until 6 months old. Since then circumstances have changef and is mainly formula feed but i feel like ive failed her in a way as shes slowly taking herself breastmilk and taking almost all formula. Edit- this is my second baby. My first baby didnt latch but i did express when she was in hospital. She was 4 weeks when she got released. It was too hard after that. This was almost 8 years ago. I do feel like i failed this one as o said i would BF her but now when i do BF is just plays or pulld herself off a lot. The only time dhe does latch eith no carry on is when shes too tired
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Definitely overthinking it but I understand, I get it! I also wanted to breastfeed exclusively for longer but I was getting frustrated with how demanding it was. I now only breastfeed once/twice a day and it's amazing. I now can't see an end date to me breastfeeding where as before I was always looking for the next target I could get too. Even though it's working amazing and suits us best I still get emotional that I haven't been able EBF for longer. I didn't realise how emotional the subject would be for me X

I went through this- only BF for two weeks- never dreamed I would have to FF just because I assumed BF would be so natural for me- nope!! Baby had jaundice and wouldnt latch and just screamed at breast then fell asleep. It was beyond stressful. Had to give formula which she took to great but I was so upset- felt like a failure and had so much guilt and grief. In time I realised fed is best and my baby was thriving- when they go to nursery no one will know how they were fed! FF turned out to be so much better for my mental health as it meant others could help and I can leave by baby with my husband for as long as I need. Just took time to process- 5 months is amazing!! Just think soon she will be having food anyway!

Im breastfeeding too. Baby is 5 months but I hope he drinks more formula as I think I cant produce enough milk for him anymore. Still he wants to breastfeed but somehow getting mad when its not enough 😩

I was the same. I told myself not to put pressure on myself. I'm a FTM my LG didn't latch properly and I didn't know what I was doing causing my discomfort and her to lose weight. I was so hard on myself when I said I wouldn't be. I had been exclusively pumping until middle of May when my supply had dramatically dropped with no return. I still pumped and had her milk with three bottles of formula at night. I had been arguing back and forth with myself and now I've come to an understanding with myself and feel so much better. You're doing amazing mama ❤️

I think as new mums we are always going to overthink everything and the guilt is always going to be mega. It’s such an emotional subject that I wasn’t prepared for. I’ve started to wonder about giving up BF and I already feel guilty for wanting my body back. Think this is just life now, feeling bad about everything and being hard on ourselves 😂 practise some self empathy and be proud of everything you’ve achieved x

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