Anyone else mourning their old life!?

It's really syncing in that my life has changed forever all of a sudden. My partner and I used to have really active schedules, always having things on and things to look forward to, and I feel like all of a sudden it's a realisation that life will never be like that again. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it all, I really don't. I'm of course so grateful for my baby coming, but I really do feel like I'm mourning my old life
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All the time I appreciate and adore my baby boy but the fact life is going to change in 2 months upsets me in a way x

I'm going on 37 years of age and okay with the transition. I think the change in life style will be different for my hubby and I. I can see he is already having challenges... for example, we go out for date night - we really can't try anything exotic cause I don't know how I'm going to react. When out for drinks, there is only so much lemonade I can drink... so he has lost his drinking buddy. Its the small thing that's making him realise that bigger changes will need to be made down the line. But yes, also mourning my soon to be past life. On the flip side, looking forward to creating new life that includes a baby in it.

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