Reduced fetal movement

32 weeks I don't even do kick counts because I lose track of how much she's moved. Roslyn is a highly active baby, and I can't keep up. I have only felt her move a few times today. Even after eating, she usually gets really excited when I eat, especially anything sweet, she wasn't moving. I ate some chocolate a bit ago. She's moving a bit but not at much as normal, but I'm not entirely sure if her lack of movement is concerning because I'm sick right now. Sinus infection, and I have a pretty violent cough. Advice?
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Try drinking ice cold water or juice, lay on your left side as well. Maybe she’ll move then. But babies also get tired and sleepy! If you’re ever worried, call your OB or stop by L&D in the hospital to have them monitor

I’ve heard after a while you kinda stop feeling them move because they’re running out of space lol so they roll instead of kick. I barely feel my kid move, only if my hand is on my stomach or an object is on my stomach or I flash a light or I’m laying on my stomach other then that she barely moves she’s stubborn even at the dr she’s pretty chill. She only moves on her own at night, try laying on your back and flashing a light or playing some music off your phone that also getting my kid to move I don’t like being touched either so I think she tries to kick things out of her space lol.

I also felt so much movement with mine especially with food water or sweets. This morning I’ve barely felt a thing. He is moving but not as actively so idk when to be concerned. How is everything going now?

@Jenna we finally got her moving! I think she was inactive because I was sick. I went to my OB for my regular visit the next day and she's doing great in there. Looking at about 3.5 Lbs

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