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Did you guys have your parents/family/friends at the hospital while you were in labor or did you wait a day to have any visitors? I know having family and everyone waiting for you to have the baby is normal but i’ve been hearing a lot of people just have themselves and the father or support person there at the hospital during delivery and wait to have people come the next day so that mom/dad (SP) can have alone time/first day together What did you guys do/what are your thoughts on that?
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2021 baby here, only me and hubby. But we were allowed to bring 2 more people but chose not to. I think it was the best decision we made.

Due to lasting COVID restrictions (2022), I only had my doula and support person. I'm very grateful. A family member tried forcing security to let her in. I had pre-eclampsia, and the last thing I needed was more stress. I had a support person at home with me for the first three days before allowing visitors at home too.

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