Hair loss!!!

Has anyone found anything to help with post partum hair loss? Either stopping it or helping re growth?
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I need some tips too!

Taking biotin vitamins & rosemary oil, also using a shampoo scalp brush in the shower, exfoliating my scalp, starting falling out around 4 months, 7 months PP now and completely stopped and got so much regrowth, I also only try wash my hair max 1-2 times a week!cx

Starting a Mediterranean diet and cutting out all processed foods helped my hair a lot. I also had about 10 inches cut off to revitalise it. 7 months pp and now only have regular hair loss.

I used baby blues vitamins they are pricey but they are worth it x

I can’t help but you’re not alone, I had thin and fine hair to start with and it’s been falling out absolutely loads for about 3 months now and no sign of stopping. I’ve never felt so rubbish about myself with PP weight gain and hair loss

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