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Wondering if anyone else’s almost 15 month old doesn’t really wave yet? My daughter *can* wave, but rarely waves hello, never bye. She’s also learning pointing but it’s mostly her whole hand while her middle finger overlaps her index finger when she does it! I wave and point all day and she is heavily socialized with other toddlers who do all these things. I just don’t know if I should be concerned. She also seems more shy than her friends, but loves people. I’m also an overthinking mess 🫠 someone tell me I’m not crazy!
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My son is 16 months and is the same! I don’t think it’s anything to worry about

I don’t think you need to be concerned. Mine is just starting to do it more consistently and is doing it sometimes by command without help now. I’m not sure if it helps with you doing it all day because you’re around and not actually coming or going away from them..? What I did was had family video calls and then show and say wave 👋 hello and wave 👋goodbye and then the family members do it too everyday. Also, practicing when going to or leaving daycare or around other people. Mine tends to be shy with strangers too so family is good for learning.

Mine started a week ago. Just keep modeling it. Also grab their hand and wave it for them.

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