In an emergency would you put your kid in the opposite gender’s clothes?

I’m curious as I had a talk with my mother the other day about when my brother was like 6 months old, she was out of town, late at night and he had a massive blow out. She was telling me she ended up wrapping him in her jacket for the rest of the night because she could only find girl clothing (dresses, overly pink, ext.) even told me how she went to like 4 or 5 stores but couldn’t get any boy clothes. I’m genuinely curious what other people would do because if it was me I would have just put him in a dress and went on the rest of my night.
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I would’ve just put him in girls clothing too lol

Sure, It’s better than no clothes!

I already do and even when my daughter wears dresses I've got what a cute boy so literally it doesn't matter either way 😂

Yep I've done it with my kids. My daughter had a blowout at 4 a.m and the only clothes I could find in the dark were her brothers. So brothers clothes it was.

Put the little dude in pink pajamas, he'll be fine My daughter has multiple outfits from the boys section Their denim is SUPERIOR

When I became a mother my responsibilities became to love my child, house my child, feed my child and cloth my child. It didn’t specify what kind of clothing 😂

I openly put my LO in boy clothes all the time, she loves Toy Story and cars so if I see a cute t-shirt or see thats in the boy’s section but she takes and interest in it, I just buy it

Well, it’s a baby. He’s not even gonna notice lol. Plus, pink used to be a manly color ! It’s all relative …

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