Hand mits.

So you know the sleep suits with the hand mits that fold over. At what point do you stop putting them over their hands? Only asking as my lg is 5 months old and there’s literally no point because she always has multiple fingers poking out 🤣🤣
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I haven’t bothered since it stopped being freezing weather! He’s 5 months now and we just leave him free 🫣

@Holly that makes me feel better 🤣 I was just looking at her and saw all these fingers sticking out thought that would be more uncomfortable so she’s free 🤣 fingers crossed 🤞🏼 we have no new scratches on the face 🤣

We stopped when she started showing an interest in hands so maybe just shy of 4 months? As she was sucking her hands to self soothe

When LO started finding his hands we stopped. If it’s particularly cold we’ll just cover his hands during the night

I still do my little boys but mainly cos of scratching, if I left them off he’d have new scratches to his head and face. I try to keep his nails short but found this helps. But he’s does now end up with soggy hands 🙈

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