Hi!! I’m 20 weeks 5 days and I’ve just started leaking colostrum, is it normal to be leaking this early I’ve been looking for second opinions online and nobody else seems to be leaking this early on the forums everyone seems to start leaking at the 25-30 week mark or even later it’s kind of worrying me because I’m wondering if it’s a sign im slightly further on than I thought or am I just overthinking it and it’s normal. I have my 20 week scan tomorrow but I thought I’d come here first to get an opinion from other mama’s and hear your experiences Thank you in advance lovelies <3
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I haven't experienced this myself, but have seen other people post on here saying the same thing. I believe it can happen anytime, just don't start trying to get any out as it can cause your uterus to contract x

I think you can get it anywhen in second trimester onwards, but don’t force it as it can bring on early labour! Defiantly mention it tomorrow girl x

I have been leaking since about 20 weeks as well, it’s not anything to be concerned about, just get some breast pads if you’re leaking a lot x

My midwife said if I leak start collecting but your not allowed to squeeze this early due to it can put you in early contractions that could lead to birth

I have been leaking too, I haven’t worried about it as it’s not a concern and it can happen at this stage. Im 22 weeks x

I’ve been leaking it since week 19 don’t worry it comes in about 16-17 weeks so can happen any time from then, call your midwife if your worried but I got told it’s normal xx

How can you go about collecting it if you start leaking at this stage?

@Shannon my midwife said Colostrum syringes to nipple only

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