Is our surprise gender ruined?!

I’m so worried our gender surprise is ruined. We didn’t want to find out the sex. All of the time at our 20 Week scan yesterday we looked away at all the right bits and the sonographer was great. But then the two photos she gave me one looks like a penis….. I’m so upset that there potentially is no surprise now. What do you think? I’ve added a few photos. I originally thought it could be cord but I think where I’ve circled green is cord so doesn’t leave for it to be much else…. The only thing is the other scan has a similar looking thing which I’ve circled too but HELP! 1st photo pic 2 2nd photo potential penis 3rd photo circled potential cord 4th photo is the thing that looks similar in the other pic
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Could that not be part of their leg? I would have thought that the sonographer would have been very careful with the photos they took, if they knew you didn't want to know the gender x

i would say it looks like a leg too. I think it would be difficult to see it from the side

Stop looking and asking for confirmation for something you aren't sure of 😅🤣

If you don’t know whether it’s the penis and you don’t want to know it’s the penis… why are you asking if people think it is the penis? Right now you do not know the gender, leave it at that.

Thank you! That is true I guess I just wanted some reassurance. Feeling really down as I feel like deep down now I know and the suspense has been taken away. I just wanted someone to say it wasn’t what I was thinking 😂x

I'd say could be part of the leg too. I don't think they'd give you photos with an obvious gender if they know it's secret x

That isn’t a penis , it won’t look like that on the scan , I’m pregnant with a boy and had a boy 18 months ago. That definitely isn’t a penis.

At 20 weeks the penis wouldn't be that far up it's stomach if its a boy it would be in the right position further round as everything is developed and in place, my guess is umbilical cord and leg in the images :)

From side view all parts would be hidden Unless side view legs apart you won’t see much at 20 weeks My scan my baby had legs crossed they tried every angle and had to call me back in to do all the checks I’d say No gender clue

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